al logopost 71AL Dept of TX

David Jahn and Sandy Stevens giving presents to
2017 Girls Stater and DHS senior Natalie Park
for Cumberland Childrens Home

Toys for Tots at the mall in Denton

Forrest Beadle with Boys and Girls State citizens Christian Goodson of Liberty Christian, Alexa Teleki of Guyer and Adam Goff of Denton High at the Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club on 8/9/2017 where they shared their experiences with their respective Girls or Boys State activities. It was an excellent presentation by young people we can all be proud of.



3 of our Boys State participants stopped in and gave an account of their trip


From Forrest Beadle:

I also want to point out our statesman from Decatur High School. Alec Uselton, Tyler Watson, and Charles Doubrava joined me at Post 71 today for a photo!

I hope this is the start of a long relationship between Decatur High School and Post 71.

From Forrest Beadle:

American Legion just wrapped up Boys State 2017 in Austin last week! Post 71 Denton sent 61 local young men from 13 different area high schools. Commander Kenny Horn and I drove down on Thursday for Legion Day to check up on them. We were joined by Reuben Kamanga from Marcus HS. Reuben went last year and was selected to go to Boys Nation. He is heading off to SMU next year.

Our statesmen did great this year too! We are still getting the results in from the boys, but everyone I spoke with got involved and ran for office!

A special thanks to the teachers and counselors from our participating high schools who searched for, screened, and work with Post 71 to sponsor these young men.

And finally, I would like to thanks all of our civic organizations for donating scholarship money for those who need it.

I had little time for the camera but here are a few pictures.

May 26 2017

Post 71 Commander Kenny Horn Presenting God and Country awards at Denton HS

Cmdr Kenny Horn
Boys State

at Denton HS

May 19 2017

ALA Unit 71 President Sharon Bates
 ALA Unit 71 Sec/Treas Sandy Stevens
presenting Boys State certificates
at Denton Guyer HS

May 11 2017

ALA Unit 71 Sec/Treas Sandy Stevens
presenting the Boys State certificate
at Coram Deo academy

April 28 2017

Our Vice-Commander, Forrest Beadle, presenting the American Legion Military Excellence award to AROTC freshman cadet William Bass at UNT Gateway Center

April 19, 2017

Sons of The American Legion Sqd 71 adjutant Fred Stevens presenting a certificate of appreciation to Walmart, Denton for their generous donation of a 55" 4K TV to replace our TV that was stolen last year.

Post amateur radio station update:

As of 4/18/2017 these are the DX (foreign)
stations contacted:

Cayman Is 
La Paz, Baja, MX
Havana, Cuba
Islington, Ont, Can
Alfred, Ont, Can
Kanagawa, Japan
Mexico City
Morelia, MX
Caracas, Venezuela
Fukushima, Japan

April 17, 2017

Cmdr Kenny Horn presenting a "Thank you" plaque and letter from the Board of Trustees to Lowe's for the wonderful job they did renovating our building. THANKS AGAIN, LOWE'S.

District 13 Convention - Post 88, Lake Dallas

September 26, 2016

Cmdr Kenny Horn presented this certificate of
appreciation to the President of the Denton County
Amateur Radio Association for their generous
donation of the amateur radio station at the post.

According to Marty Justis, the President of
The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC),
we are the 17th Legion post in the country with an
amateur station.

The purposes of the amateur station are emergency
services, veteran rehab, working with youth and,
last but not least, providing another incentive for
people to become members.

Lowe's "Community Grant" Outreach To Us
Sept 12 thru Sept 19, 2016
All we can say is "WOW!" and "Thank you!"

North Texas State Fair
August 19-27, 2016

A happy young lad was picked from the crowd to reach in and draw the winning ticket.

Talk about karma!

The winner this year was our own Ray Stephens

One of our Boys Staters made Boys Nation

Ruben Kananga, a senior at Flower Mound Marcus High School, came to our August 16 meeting to tell us about his experience with Boys State this year and to thank us for our sponsorship. At Boys State he was selected as one of the 2 boys from Texas to go on to Boys Nation. This is a great accomplishment.

Since he wasn't born in the US, he could not run for President but he joined forces with the fellow who he saw as the likely winner, became his speech writer and was rewarded with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court job when he won.

We are all very proud that one of our sponsored young men was so successful.


28 June - 1 July
Ham Station Antennas Installed

The VHF/UHF antenna

1/2 of HF antenna

Other half

Where is that screw?

Yes, fat men climb ladders, too

Just about got it

Well, it's up. And it works!

23 June, 2016
WFAA D/FW channel 8 covered the Denton County Veterans Court
and its mission to help vets get out of the justice system and
get their lives back on track.

2016 Department Oratorical Banquet
14 February, 2016

2016 Department Oratorical Competition
15 February, 2016
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